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Famed impressionist André-Philippe Gagnon triumphs as “Entertainer of the year” at the 15th Star Awards gala in Toronto!

Organized in conjunction with the Canadian Special Events Expo, the 15th Star Awards Gala at the Hyatt Regency in Toronto. Performing as the headliner of the event, André-Philippe Gagnon triumphed as “ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR”, by far one of the most prestigious award categories of the gala.

The Canadian Event Industry Awards (The Star Awards) is the only national event industry competition in Canada. The awards are given to companies and individuals that have distinguished themselves with the quality of their service during the preceding year. A jury of experts had the difficult task of determining the winners.

André-Philippe Gagnon’s talent is unique; unlike other impersonators who reproduce only the speaking voices of their subjects, Gagnon can perform note-perfect singing voices of many of the world’s most celebrated singers. A Quebec native, Gagnon has always been recognized as a “Corporate All-Star”, performing in conventions and special event on a weekly basis since he first acquired international success in 1985.

With the corporate version of his hit touring show ”THE ONE-MAN HIT PARADE”, Gagnon borrows the famous voices of vocalists from around the world to showcase what is, in his opinion, the musical history of the last sixty years. He brings together artists who have never appeared on the same stage before – everyone from Elvis, Barry White, Guns N’ Roses, Gnarls Barkely, Maroon5 and even Susan Boyle – creating a true parade of hits. The result is a combination of music, comedy and creativity – Gagnon’s most personal show ever.